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Garage Floor Coatings

Our Hybrid Polymer floor coating system protects & enhances the appearance of your garage floor - beautiful, durable, better traction, and best of all, easy to clean.

High-traffic spaces such as garages demand high-performance systems. Using an extremely durable Hybrid Polymer coating system, our floor coating system is two times stronger and much more flexible than traditional epoxy.

Ideal for use in the garage, as well as spaces like showrooms, warehouses, food preparation, break rooms, manufacturing and shop floors, our Hybrid Polymer coating system is virtually odor-free, eco-friendly and UV resistant.

Our Hybrid Polymer coating system consists of three layers, a primer/base coat, full broadcast decorative chips and a durable Polymer top coat. We do repair cracks, holes and salt damage prior to coating. Our coating system can be applied year-round to almost any concrete floor in just 2 days. Its rapid cure ability means that you can get back on your floor 24 hours after completion. The Polymer top coat forms a protective barrier that prevents hot tire pick-up and damage from salt.

Multi-layer system

Garage Floor Coatings

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Garage Floor Coatings Garage Floor Coatings

We start with advanced concrete preparation, diamond grinding/polishing the floor surface to produce a superior bond between the new coating and concrete base. We research, identify and use the very best commercial-grade coating materials available. Our installers are mature, well trained, caring people that together with great preparation and the finest materials produce superlative results

Color Options

Choose a color that complements your space. We offer 12 standard full-chip color blend floor coatings. Color blends are available in 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" chip sizes. Custom color blends available by special order. Click on the floor colors choices button to see the standard colors available.


Better Organized Spaces has installed hundreds of garage floor coatings since we opened for business in 2006. We have the experience and the confidence to guarantee each garage floor coating system for 5 years for workmanship and materials and we put it in writing!.


You can easily maintain your floor with a routine cleaning program. Sweeping and an occasional wash to remove loose particles and soil along with prompt removal of grease and other contaminants will keep the floor looking as good as new. We even include a large double-bladed soft foam squeegee with each floor coating we install.

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